Digital daughter to the rescue


The multi-talented Liz Dubelman has never been afraid of something new.  Long before the Internet was ubiquitous, she helped establish a group called Women in New Technology.  A cinematographer earlier in her career, she was the first female member of a labor negotiating team.  Among other things, she’s won Emmys, created a book promotion format called VidLit, and written stories and books.

As importantly as these accomplishments is the fact that Liz is a generous soul who loves to share her knowledge and information.  (I know this from first-hand experience, having been friends with her for decades; we met when we attended Hampshire College.)

Right now, she’s putting her comfort with all things digital to work in a way she’d never imagined.  She’s helping older people who aren’t so deft with it to learn its benefits.  Adult children of her clients don’t necessarily live nearby–nor are they necessarily patient with the questions about devices they take for granted.  (I can’t count how many times I had to explain “the cloud” to my late father, who never quite seemed to understand.  I bet Liz could have made it make sense.)

This week, I talk to he about this new consulting service she’s started, how she loves interacting with older people, and what she’s learning from this work.