What we mean by “gracefully”


This is the under-two-minute teaser promo we did earlier in the year for a podcast competition (where we did not make the cut, so we forged ahead with the project on our own.)

Podcasting may seem synonymous with ‘hipster,’ which is of course typically synonymous with ‘young.’  But we know from our experience that not everyone who listens to podcasts is under 40, and besides, the demographics of public radio listenership are legendarily older.

No matter what our numerical age, we share something in common: We are all getting older, and grappling with the themes we aim to address here. No one hopes to grow old ungracefully; there are factors that are certainly out of our control; but we’ve learned by watching people who navigate the process of aging better than others how to live our best lives.

We are two public radio veterans in our fifties, with a combined 60-plus years of experience, and want to move forward with our lives as positively as possible, swashbuckling the limitations and the ageism as best we can.  Frankly, we’re dealing with it in myriad ways ourselves, personally, and professionally–because finding gainful full-time employment at this stage is a challenge.

If you like this podcast and have ideas for sponsors, hosts, collaborators, stations that might be interested in helping us move it to the next level, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.  And if you have ideas for people we might reach, we hope you’ll tip us off.  We’re all in this together.

And thanks for listening.