Decluttering a lifetime of stuff


img_8401Helping people part with treasures (real or perceived) is the life’s work of dclutterfly’s Tracy McCubbin’s.  This professional organizer, based in downtown Los Angeles, jokes at cocktail parties that her job is to coax senior citizens to “throw out their sex toys.”

But she’s serious about the business of helping people of any age get rid of their clutter–especially people who are older, preparing to downsize the family home and move into a smaller space–or those who are dealing with the household possessions they’ve inherited from deceased relatives.

While she helps young families and others organize their chaos, half of her clients are senior citizens or family members grappling with the content of estates.  And she travels the world, at their request, to help them.


A client’s shoe closet, before Tracy had her way with it

We talked with Tracy about her process, what having too much stuff really means, and other ways to honor your elders than by holding on to their belongings.

You can find out how to reach her here.