Lenses in search of wrinkles


Attractive images of older people can be hard to find in our youth-obsessed culture.  The Council on Aging in Orange County–the California county with the population that’s aging the fastest–decided to change that.   Photographers, professional and amateur, have been encouraged over the last two years to send in portraits of senior citizens.  The winners, chosen by a jury, are then exhibited in the Bowers Museum of Art in Santa Ana.

We visited Lisa Wright Jenkins at the Council’s offices to talk about the show, and why a series of photographs conveys such a powerful message about aging.

photo by Jerry Weber, Third Place Winner, Amateur Category, 2015

photo by Jerry Weber

photo by Sally Ann Field

photo by Sally Ann Field

Heritage Pointe Ziggy by Jacqueline Hicks Seybert

photo by Jacqueline Hicks Seybert